"It is rare to have such dedication and sense of partnership from a vendor. You have been a consummate professional, as well as a pleasure to work with. I have appreciated your flexibility and work ethic"- A leading e-learning provider
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Vision and Mission
Nico’s mission, Add Value to Our Clients. It is the everlasting spirit of the Nico community. It is a promise that is never to be broken, a claim that has been tested by all our clients.

Nico Adds Value to Its Clients by delivering: S3R
· Sustainable quality
· Reduced risk
· Reduced time-to-deliver
· Reduced cost Sustainable Quality

At NICO, Quality is central to the services we deliver to our clients. NICO realize that a degradation of quality has negative impact on business and negates the cost reduction achieved through outsourcing. Our functional expertise with quality and our knowledge of developing application systems to manage quality have been the basis of our processes. Our processes are proven, optimized and repeatable to deliver sustainable quality to our clients.

Reduced Risk

Risk causes uncertainty in delivery. In order to minimize risk, it is essential to identify the risk elements and put plans in place to mitigate them. Our project plans have built-in tasks for identifying and mitigating risks for every major project milestone.

Reduced Time-to-Deliver

NICO’s development centers span multiple time zones. When a project is initiated, the project team is created out of resources in US and India. This ensures that project work continues on a 24-hour cycle speeding up the overall delivery of the project.

Reduced Cost

At NICO, We offer a blended service model, which takes advantage of the resources in our US and India development centers. When clients choose the blended model, Nico manages the resources, the project execution and the project task at the location to minimize risk to our clients. Nico leverages the cost advantage of our India development center and will pass on this cost advantage to you.
Adherence to Siebel eRoadmap methodology
Hands on experience with large implementations across all Siebel verticals
Global delivery model blending onshore and offshore based project teams
Affordable onshore price point
Business Intelligence Best Practices: Transforming Data into information
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