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Why to waste time when we have the best medicine

Naturally pharmaceutical industry processes are very typically and very complex, which demands a very high sophisticated and simple IT services where it can understand and handle its complex processes effectively. The varied business processes in this industry require very specialized technology enablers. To fulfill this requirement there are many different applications, of which each application could potentially have a data format that cannot be accessed by the others. A situation like this is very susceptible to the formation of information chaos. These confusions cause a decreased productivity and efficiency in an organization.

Employees expend vast amounts of time and effort searching for the right information –  energy that could be directed toward more strategic work. The most important point in the pharmaceutical industry is the high degree of regulations imposed on the industry by the FDA, which requires tremendous supporting documentation.

Implementing any solution is a major investment. Here NICO comes in handy with its expertise before committing dollars, time and resources to an effort.  Nico Computer Systems can help you win over all these major challenges. Our proprietary toolkit provides a technology-independent, vendor-independent and rational method of mapping for business needs to technology solutions. Management can use this to assess the quantitative and qualitative benefits of implementing one solution over the other, and select the solution appropriate to their business needs. NICO also provides a high-level implementation roadmap that can provide an overview of the key milestones involved in the project. A clear picture is laid out, detailing the drivers in selecting a solution, the investment involved, and an estimate of the ROI that can be expected.

Adherence to Siebel eRoadmap methodology
Hands on experience with large implementations across all Siebel verticals
Global delivery model blending onshore and offshore based project teams
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Business Intelligence Best Practices: Transforming Data into information
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