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How Do We Deliver?

Most organizations have unique needs in respect to the delivery of services. These needs are dictated by many factors such as cultural requirements, criticalness of projects and cost. Nico has multiple delivery models that are suitable to meet a variety of needs. Regardless of the delivery model, we bring the same expertise, dedication and commitment to our clients' organizations.

Our delivery models include:
- 1 Tier Delivery Model
- 2 Tier Delivery Model
- 3 Tier Delivery Model
- Blended Delivery Model

1 Tier Delivery Model (Onsite Service)

In this model our specialists and consultants work at your project site as part of your project teams. The Nico resources with wide-ranging technology and process experience will become part of the project for the duration of the project. Nico offers very competitive all inclusive rates.

2 Tier Delivery Model (Onsite/Offsite Service)

In the 2-Tier model, the Nico resources are either at the customer site or in our US based development centers. Resources located at the customer site do those project tasks that require constant customer interaction. And resources located at our development centers become virtual extensions of the project teams focused on executing long running project tasks. We will be responsible for the infrastructure, processes and management of the projects. The customer focuses on the delivery of the project to their internal user base.

3 Tier Delivery Model (Onsite/Offsite/Offshore Service)

This delivery model takes advantage of our US and India based development centers to provide the most cost-effective solution. The resources can be located either at the customer site, or at the Nico development centers. Each project task is assessed independently for risk, cost, and communication and the optimum task execution location is selected. In the 3-Tier delivery model, Nico manages the resources and project plans for all tasks done at its development centers.
Blended Delivery Model
The blended model is ideal for those projects that need to be completely outsourced. Nico will utilize its resources at its US and India based development centers to deliver the project with minimal risk. The tasks will be executed at the location that minimizes the project risk and optimizes the project cost. In the blended delivery model, Nico charges the same rate regardless of the task execution location.

Adherence to Siebel eRoadmap methodology
Hands on experience with large implementations across all Siebel verticals
Global delivery model blending onshore and offshore based project teams
Affordable onshore price point
Business Intelligence Best Practices: Transforming Data into information
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